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Saturday, January 24th, 2009
9:40 pm - busy busy busy
well i do have a good reason for not wrighting in a while. i am finally in school again. i am at bcit and i started on Jan.05.09. for trades discover for women. for the first couple of weeks it was just stupid ass learing about easy math, safey, tools and such. also i am working every mon, tues, and thurs. so i don't get to go on the comp alot. cause i do have homework.

but the last week that just went by. well i got to go in my first shop. which was automotive. it was a lot of fun. i got to work on my car twise. the girls in my class are alot of fun. there are a couple that are just like me, and the others are a little girly but they are still fun. the oldest is Glennis which is 29, we call here grandma. and the youngest is Brenna, which is 18. so we have a veraity of women. all i can say is that is great and alot of fun.

well i am going to jet, but i thought i would just check when i have the time. gavin and i are at his parents house in harrison. having a nice and relaxing weekend. yay. this is the only me time and i love to relax when doing so.


current mood: envious

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Monday, December 29th, 2008
9:30 pm - what a monday
well it is monday, and man what a day it was. so i went to work thinking it was going to be an o.k, since i wasent really there last week casue of the snow. so first off i coulded find a parking spot. so i parked in a 1hour parking which started at 9am so i had till 10am. mean while i had a lot of work to do. lots of paper work, and lots of physical work with picking orders and such. so at 10am i move my car, i drive around for about 10min trying to find a parking spot. so i finally find one 5 blocks away. i get in there and go back to work. but i was a bit worried about my since i was at the end. there was a car ahead of me, and one ahead of him. i was worried that the guy infront of me would ram me to get out and drive away. so at 1pm i go to my car with a shovel to see if i can get out and maybe go to the underground. so when i get to my car, i can't move it. so i try to shovel it out in the rain and snow. i give up after 10min and go back to work. meanwhile i am socking wet....

so i talk to some people at work, and they say that they will help me if i need it. meanwhile they get off at 3:45pm and 4pm. so i go to my car with a bunch of cardboard hoping that it will help with tread. it works but not all that well. i try for about a half hour till this guy in a van pulls up behind me and helps me out. i was ohhh so thankfull. so i drive home, traffic is bad. i am cold, wet, and frustrated, so i just go home.

so i get home and kara phones. so i end up meeting her at metrotown. we go shopping for a bit, and watch a movie. it was nice to go out after work again, i don't really do that.... it was fun:D

yeah gavin is still not back :( i am starting to miss him. i was hoping that we would be back tonight. i tryed phoning and texting, but i think his phone is dead. so i wrote him and email.....and still no reply. ohh well i guess i just have to wait.

bye for now :P ..... Crystal

current mood: drained

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Saturday, December 27th, 2008
2:54 pm - Beautiful Christmas
Well we got a white Christmas, which was very beautiful. but having to get around was the shits.... so here is my story.

we on christmas eve i had to go to my dads side grandparents. in the snow storm that was happening.... so i thought i had to walk up the station with gavin helping me with all my stuff. but his offered me a ride, cause he had some stuff he had to do. so i was very thankfull for that. i had to wait 20 just to get on a train. then when i had to transfer i had to wait 7 trains till one went to lougheed mall. so my brother meet me at lougheed to help with all the presents and stuff. dinner was really nice, it was my oma, opa, jason, anna, ken, linda and myself. great family get together.

so the next morning my step dad picked my brother and i up to go to my moms house, which is in pitt meadowes. that was a fun drive.... not. for most of the day it was just my mom, lyle, grandma, jason and myself. around 5 luke, ashley, and brady came over. so it was a really nice night day as well. lyle ended driving us back since i had to work on boxing day. the only day i have worked that week.

i dident go to work all week cause of the snow, and i was afraid of getting in an accident. which on my way home... i did. at least it was nothing big. i had no marks on my car, but the ohter girls car had a bit. the bolts that keep my license plate on made some marks on her car. but still i was got her info and she got mine. when i started to drive home is when i was wreak. and gavin went to harrison for the weekend so i had no one to talk to. so i went to my moms for the night.

current mood: thankful

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Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008
4:38 am - back again
well i really doubt that anyone is really going to read this. since i havent been on here for like 2 years. but i don't really care, i am really only doing this for me to keep me sain....

well gavin and i are still kicking it together, but barley. i really don't think it is going to last much longer. the thought of this really makes me sad(i am starting to cry already). i still love him more than anything, and don't want anyone other than him. but he, he dose not love me anymore. so this makes things very complicated.

i am typing all this out, hoping that it will help me out in the inside and help make me fell better about the situation.

so at the moment, he is really distant and dose not really want to kiss me, hug me, talk to me, or anything. so i guess i don't have a choice but just to let him be.

well i am getting to sad to go on at the moment. so i am going to go, but i will be back. i will be wright quite abit now.


current mood: sad

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Tuesday, December 19th, 2006
5:06 am - No more school
Well today was my very last day of school!!! and it felt great. so today i just had to go and hand in my work and my uniform. and now well i just get to work at home depot untill i find a full time baking job. which i think will be pretty hard since the season is now dieing down....

well other than that being the main thing right now. myself and gavin had like the one of the best weekends. his parents ended up going up to harrison. so we had the house to ourselves with his little bro Keegan. ohh my god it was fun, on Friday we ended up getting a whole bunch to drink and got Keegan drunk. it was hilarius:D lol. and we just kinda layed around and watched movies, and went to the mall. it kinda felt like a real life like we lived together. it was a really neat feeling. but i was glad to go to my own place today and lay in my own bed and have my space.

it is kinda interesting to the fact that Gavin is thinking about getting his own little condo. and he asked me if i would go with him if he did. and well of course i said yes:D so that would be pretty cool if that happend. but he not quite sure cause he wants to get 4x4truck, and some storage units for his tools. so he is not quite sure what he wants to do.

on the other hand, i heard from Chrissy the other day. so that was good news, i hope we get together some time soon. go out like we use to and just have a ball. also hope to go and hang with my girl val some more. with being out of school, this is going to make my life a little more free to do more things with friends and family.

well i have seemed to wright quite a bit. so i think i am going to stop. but i hope to keep wrighing on here and stuff, lol.

good night

current mood: loved

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Friday, October 20th, 2006
2:36 am - had a great weekend
well last weekend it was Dans birthday. so gavin picked me up and we headed out to Kelowna for the weekend. we ended up leavingat like 4:30 and arived at like 10:00. got there and Dan was just hoosed..... he was so drunk it was so funny, lol.so we parted for a bit, we were both kinda tired and dident now were we were stayen and stuff. meet some great people and ended up seeing Kelub and Gabe there, so that was cool. we ended up leaving that place to go to Dans around 4:30am.

we ended up stayen at Dans, and getting up at like 8:00. took us a while to get going and when we did. we got food then headed out to paint ball. there where like 9 of us out playen paint ball for 5.5 hours. it was great, i have never had such a rush!!!! got some pretty good welts all over too to prove it. i ended up winning some of the games myself. my fav was the game where Gavin and Dan went up the left side. while i went up the right and pegged off 5 guys to win the game:D soem of the boys were pretty impressed in how well i did with it only being my first time. after that was all over, we had to have showers we were just filthy. so we went to Dans showered up and had a nap. at like 8 we ended up going to Joals place for a bit till like 11. till we went to this sweet sweet club called FlashBack.

ohh my good i have never been to a better club. the music was awsome, they had such a varity:D had a couple drinks. and was on the dance flour with gavin for most of the night:D:D:D:D he he he i got him to dance with me:D ahh such fun. once the club closed at 2 we went back to Joals and partied till 7am. we slept till noon and headed back home.

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Saturday, September 30th, 2006
7:39 pm - sorry i havent updated
well it was reasently my 20th birthday:D was a great birthday, we had a party at sam and marcs the weekend before my birthday and then on my birthday weekend, me, gavin, sam, kara, and marc went camping. that was a great time. we had so much fun and got really really drunk. we meet some people that were also camping and stayed with us and stuff. on the following wednesday gavin came over and took me shopping for my birthday..... he spent $200 on me:D the following weekend we went to sam and marcs again and had a good time and went to my moms place for dinner as well. so that was all good. i got a digital camera from my mom and lyle.

so yeah other than that i am just living. going school, and working. i am doing alot better in school latly, and next week i actually get to make a wedding cake. there is an order for one and the teacher wants me to make it:D so yeah i am really excited to do that. ummm what else.....gavin has told me a couple of times that he has loved me, so that has made me extreamly happy. umm shauuna has now droped out of class cause she has gotten pregnant. umm heather is thinking of moving out with her new bf, so i don't now what is going on there. and yeah that is me so far in my tiny life

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Thursday, June 29th, 2006
5:46 pm - bread unit is now done:D
well as the title said, i am now done the bread unit in school:D i am soo happy about that even thought i was quite good at it with out really tring. so yeah i had the last day of my practial today and well George said that i pretty much have a hight B or a low A. so that made me happy. this test i scored much better than the last one, and i hate bread. the thing that got my mark so low was me missing some classes:( so yay i start cakes and decorating in like 2 weeks:D

teee hee i am soo happy after work on sunday. Gavin is going to be picking me up and gonig to take me to his cabin in Harrison till monday or tuesday i dunno....:D muhhaaa can't wait for that. ohh that boy nows how to make me smile.

thinking of maybe moving out, it is starting to get a little much for me. but i havent totally thought of everything. like i like living on my own but i don't wanna go to school full time and have two jobs just to live. i was thinking of moving to my moms, or well putting all my stuff there. staying there half of the week and the other days at gavins since he is much closer to school and stuff. but i havent talked to everybody about it yet. so yeah that is what is new with me:D

current mood: bubbly

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Thursday, June 22nd, 2006
9:14 am - Depot is fun........actually
well yesterday i finsih my training at depot it was soo fun got to meet some cool people and everybody is really nice. so now my first shift is on monday and it is just going to be great:D

it was cool yesterday i was on my hour break and guess who walks up the stairs.....Gavin:D:D:D tee hee i was so happy. so we ended up going out for coffee and chillen till my break was over. other than that it was a very long day for me cause i had school from 5:30 to 12:30. and then i had to work from 1 to 10. was a very long day for me......

other than that well i am just living....catch yeah later i gotta go back to class:P

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Saturday, June 10th, 2006
6:26 pm - im a depot girl now......
well today was my first day or working at home depot. tis great, i start at $10.00 and i get to work with Gavin:D muhaaa i have already made a good friend named Joyce. she is soo cool i really like her. we are the trouble and loud ones in the class.

so i have to see how many hours depot gives me before i can quite mcdicks. and yeah i think that is all i have to say about that. so far i really like it and yeay....

school is going great.... the bread unit is a little boaring cause well i want to to be in the pastry not bread. but i am doing good, at least that is what George said. getting aloge with every body and yeah.

other than that i have not been up to much. i just kinda work and go to school. i was going to the gym 3 times a week, but that ended when i was getting 24 hours a week from mcdicks.

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Monday, May 15th, 2006
6:12 pm - guess hows back, back again......lol
well it has been a very long time since i have updated, so thought why not since i am my mommy house:D umm not a hole lot has been going on. i have just been going to school and work and hangen out

school is great, or was great. we are in a new unit, the bread unit(very boaring). other than that it is great:D i have meet some really great people and some friends that will prob stay for a long time:D ohh ohh and in my first level i got 86.1% for the unit:D

work is work...... i acutally went and hended out some resumes today. so i hope i can get a good one, cause i am just sick of mcdicks. in august i have will be there for 2 years and have only gotten .65c raise. total bull shit!!!!!

life in genral is pretty good, i love the fact that i am on my own. it is great:D me and heather are getting along well and it is just all good:D me and gavin are doing pretty i guess, i dunno. i have been thinking a lot lately about that one...... so yeah i havent really seen anybody else cause i don't really have time with going to school and going straight to work after that. so yeah i guess that is all i really have to say:D

current mood: crazy

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Monday, March 27th, 2006
6:20 pm - ohh yeah.....
Tee hee i love this quiz. man there were so many hot guys!!! do the quiz, jut to take a look:D and ohhh yeah i got Vin Diesel:D ohh yeah

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Sunday, March 26th, 2006
1:25 pm - on my own
well i have not been wrighten anything cause i no longer live at home and i have no computer. so i thought i would write something while i am cheaking my email and stuff at my moms house. not much has happend. i moved out with Heather, and i started school, and well work is the same old.

school is very fun tho:D love the people i am working with. our hole class rocks, and i have already found some pretty good friends:D so yeah that is school.

work is work, and it is getting harder since right after school i head to work and work for 6 hours. but i am getting use to that. same old bull shit tho, but now with nights there is even more.....waa,lol.

being on my own is pretty fun, hasent really set in at the moment yet tho. but i am sure it will when i ahve to pay bills and all that stuff.

now for the weekend!!!! it was great, i got to see alot of Gavin. saw him everyday from thursday to sunday:D muhhaaa this made me very happy:D and also on Sat night, i told him that i love him. so now we now where we stand with each other:D tis a great feeling. tee hee i am so happy, i with i dident have to work, or i would still be with him and everyone else bowling..... ohh well maybe next time when i don't have to work.

but yeah i gotta get going, but i hope to talk to all soon and stuff......take care, bye bye then...lol

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Sunday, March 12th, 2006
6:39 pm - WOW
i could sit here and wright what i did all weekend since it was so great. but i am only going to put the best thing that happened!!!

well on Saturday night/earlie Sunday morning, Gavin told me that he loved me:D and here i was thinking of something totaly different. but this has made me the most happiest person in the world at the moment:D

current mood: EXTREAMLY HAPPY

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Tuesday, March 7th, 2006
8:10 pm - going to be an exciting week next week
well next week is going to be fun.... i start school on monday as working about 28hr's a week. that is going to be interesting. i wounder how much free time to myself and to hang with friend i will have.....?

also i will be moving out in the middle of the week and on the weekend. so that is going to be fun and excitied. i actually can't wait:D going to be so much fun being on my own. but i now i will miss home, tis going to be differnt and a hole new world and experice for me.

just an update from the weekend..... dident really do much at all. just kinda hung around all weekend, except for Sat night. Sam, Marc, Gavin, Michelle, Kara and myself went to the KoRn concert. Jason and Nat did not come casue Nat dident want too, and Jason was not there to ask. but all was fun, me and Gavin got to sit by our selves and we got coffee afterwords:D was a good concert.

but yeah that was about all that really happend, so yeah take care for now...........lol

current mood: excited

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Wednesday, March 1st, 2006
5:02 pm - I PASSED
tee hee i dident have to go to work today cause i had my driving test..... and what do you now i passed. so now i am a N driver and can drive by myself. i am ohh so happy with myself, i really dident think i would pass but i did:D

so yeah that is that, other than that. not much has happened just kinda hangen out and doing my regulare stuff. this weekend i get to go to KoRn:D with Sam, Marc and Michelle. going to be fun fun fun.

and that is that till next time, i am going to go out for dinner:D

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Sunday, February 19th, 2006
8:28 pm - Warning you now....... this is going to be a big entre, lol
Well this weekend was great:D it was Natalies birthday so we did a hole bunch of stuff for her and stuff. On friday Jason, Nat, Marc, Chrissy, Will, Gavin and Me all went down town to see Lazar Zepplin. i thought it was great except for the fact that i had a head ack and that did not help at all, lol. but all was good i enjoyed it and i think everyone else did as well. it was funny every one had to take the bus back to sams, but no me:D muhhaaa i got to ride with Gavin:D tee hee. so yeah we went back to his place to pick up my alcohol that i left there the weekend before, then went to sams. sam was a sleep when we came in, but we talked for a bit with him. then went to the bed room and talked and cuddled and all. wasent much later when everyone else came by. so we got up and chilled for bit then went to bed. we actually got to have the room for once, lol. it was great.....the only thing that sucked is that gavin had to work at HD on sat, but all was good. i got to see him and spend time with him so it don't bug me none, lol.

on sat afternoon marc, nat and myself all went out and did a hole bunch of stuff. first we went to lougheed to get food. then over to myself so i could change and all. after that we got a ride to nats house for she could get some stuff and stuff, lol. ummm then coquitlam centre to buy some stuff and then headed back to sams. it was funny while we were at the mall Madagascar was playing so we stoped and watched it for a while, lol. but yeah when we got back to sams we only had like an hour to get all ready and stuff. so marc had a shower then i did, but they left while i was in cause there wasent enought time. but all worked out cause sam stayed and then Mitchelle came over so we all decorated the house and stuff for Nat:D when we were done we joined them at the foggy duo. so yeah we stayed there had some drinks then we to sams with 3 18 cases for Canadian and then some.......:D:D it was great when we got there Gavin was there so i was really happy. we got a good picture of use casue of jason....thank you by the way:D was a very fun night, there were so many people there, more than what i have seen there. was great great fun. Nat was ohh so very drunk...i think she had a very good time:D the only thing that i dident like about the night is when Gavin called me Kara....... me, gavin and marc were all talkend and i was sitting on him and he called me kara... me and marc both looked at each other and then he left and we talked. but all is good:D:D:D now..... ohh and it was funny Nat and her bro Alex both got sick and threw up. and then gavin had a masive nose bleed in the middle of the night. lol it was funny ...... well i thought so.

all is going good for us, i am really really happy with him. so i may not see him all the time, but i have had worse. when i was with graham we only saw each other every 3 weeks. so i think i can last seeing him every week. plus it just makes the weekends that much better when we don't see each other. there is just so much to talk about, and so much to do when we make plans and stuff:D i just really like the way things have worked out. i now i was really worried and questionable, but things all worked out. good thing i spoke up and stuff:D tee hee

but yeah i think that is enought. this is a really big entre and i think i have put almost everything that has happened, lol.

gd nite

current mood: happy

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
9:02 pm - possibly moving out in April
well as the title said, i might be moving out in April with my friend Heather. it will be exciting!!! i was debating cause i dident now if i would make enough money. i do have money saved in my saving so if do need some i can use that. she dose now that i will be in school, so if there is a prob it will be o.k with her. i was saving that money for my car, but i won't be buying that till around Jan of 2007. so i have a while. i plan to us very little of that money as possible and save when i was still working and stuff. and get a better job with baking once i am done school.

so yeah i can only hope for the best:D

current mood: full

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Monday, February 6th, 2006
8:09 pm - tee hee i passed
well today i renewed my "L". well i had to redue the learning test thing. but i passed:D muhaaaa so now i gotta book one more driving lession, and then my driving test, and i am all good:D tee hee i can so not wait. thought i would share that with yeah all, cause i am so happy about it:D

current mood: happy

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Sunday, February 5th, 2006
8:35 pm - all worked out:D muhaaa
so yeah on friday Gavin came over. it was great we had a day/night all to our selves it was soo fun.... and with out any beer or anything:D
we dident do a hole lot, we just kinda bummed around and watched t.v and stuff. we went on the comp and lisened to some music. we cuddled alot, which kinda surprised me, dident now he was like that, but was good to me:D umm we played wrestled...he won of course:P and we got some dinner. at about midnight we went over to his place for the night, cause he had to work at HD at 12pm. so we stayed up and watched more tv, had a couple beer and rock star:D umm in the morning.....well it took us a while to get out of bed, well it took him i was wide awake, lol. he dident want to go to work, so he was an hour late. i was happy got too see him for that extra hour:D muhaaa.

he took me HD and i just walked across the street to the skytrain stop and went home. stayed there for like 3hours till i headed to Marc's. then after an hour we left to go bowling with some of his friends. was pretty fun actually. we were out till about 11. we bowled of course, then went to a bar, then went to Bosten Pizza to get food. then they took us home and we just watched some movies.

it was funny today. i had 12hours of sleep, but i still had an 2hour nap while i was there. i never thought i could get that much sleep.

lol, so yeah that was my weekend, which turned out alot better than i thought it would:D

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